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5R-Close Concept in Blanc Layout 2

Core Design

5-Room double galley kitchen with 2 tower units and generous storage.
This double galley kitchen with tower units layout not only provides maximum storage for your kitchen items but also takes care of your baking needs. The second galley comprise of choice of base storage modules. The B1 combination allows for storage space for your bigger pots and pans. The B1 module comes with adjustable shelves that allow you to change the height space inside the module to fit the size of your pots and pans.
The B2 module comes with a dish washer compartment which fits in our City Gas house brand dish washer model CG-8700DW.

Core Design:
A1: Single galley kitchen with free flap dish drainer and oven units
A2: Single galley kitchen with oven unit (Lite)
A3: Single galley kitchen with extra storage below the hob
A4: Single galley kitchen with extra storage below the hob. (Lite)

Module combinations (for second galley):
B1/B1/B1: Base unit combination with extra storage
B1/B1/B2: Base unit combination with dishwasher compartment