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Lifestyle & Wellness - Waters Therapy Shower

For a Relaxing Soft Shower Infused with Vitamins

Get ready to step into a shower that is out of this world with Waters Therapy Shower, a lifestyle and wellness shower set designed to provide a luxurious feel on your skin with its many beneficial properties. With the promise of a relaxing soft shower infused with vitamins, fish-based collagen and negative ions, you can destress without leaving your home or burning a hole in your wallet. Waters Therapy Shower is designed and manufactured in Korea with safety certifications by several national accrediting organisations. The product is exclusively available at City Gas.

Tip: For the ultimate hot shower experience, shower using a Gas Water Heater to enjoy a safe and reliable supply of hot water. Visit the City Gas Gallery for a “live” product demonstration of the Gas Water Heater, Waters Therapy Shower set and more.